Ruby Cosmetics Review

Reviews...Reviews... I'm back with another review. I know I know I've done nothing but review, do you guys mind? I want to ensure you are buying products which a generally good. Any way as you may know from my town haul post, i was suckered in to buying some products from a brand called Ruby Cosmetics. I've now tried and tested these products and i am back to give you a full report!
What is it? I have two products to review: Eyebrow powder and a L.A Sheer contour palette
How do I use it? Brow powder: I apply the powder to my eyebrows to fill them in. I like to use other brow products along side it. Contour kit: I apply powders to the face using the contour brush provided.

Packaging? Brow powder: The packaging holds quite a lot of product and the woman at the stall told me the product should last for 2 years! It's a plastic circular tub and doesn't feel very sturdy. Contour kit: This comes in a simple palette. The front has an image of a woman. The packaging is not a…

W7 Blazin Eyeshadow Palette Review

Another Review... First off, let me say, i'm am so sorry about the terrible quality pictures you're going to see. My camera was acting up and being all weird, not to mention my terrible lighting. I tried my best to improve them for you guys.

Sooo... this palette is meant to be a dupe to the Naked Heat palette i think. I bought this using a TK Maxx gift card i earn from Toluna and it was relatively cheap. I've owned palettes from W7 previously, i have the In The Buff palette. For the price the palette is not bad at all. I did not expect much due to the low price tag however i was pleasantly suprised.

I'll be honest, the pigmentation is not as amazing as the Urban Decay version (Obviously!) but it's not awful. The shimmers were beautiful and the shadows swatched nicely. I LOVE the warm tones in this palette and i can see myself using this palette in the future. If you can afford the Urban Decay Heat palette i would suggest you purchase that however if you're on a b…

Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

My First Tutorial... Now, I've never done a tutorial in my life. Especially on a blog so excuse me if its a bit crappy. I am no means a make up artist or expert, I just love using it and being creative.
I started by applying my base makeup. To begin with i applied my This Works Primer and I used a sample foundation i received to try however i was not told what the foundation was and therefore i can't tell you guys what i used. I applied with a beauty blender and then used the Rimmel Insta Fix and Matte to set it.

I then moved on to they eyes. Every shadow i used on my eyes was from the Colourpop Yes Please palette. I started by applying the shade GNO all over the lid. I then blended the shade Spoiled into the crease and applied Big Cocktails deeper in the crease. I wanted to attempt a half cut crease and therefore i applied some Colourpop No Filter Concealer to my lid and looked up to mark where i needed to cut the crease. I then blended this into the lid. I then applied the sha…

Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Review

Marc Jacobs... I've never tried a high end brand such as Marc Jacobs so when this little black box arrived at my door you could say I got a tinsy bitsy excited. I had no clue that Influenster were sending this Voxbox as I didn't receive the email until a few days after.
What Are They? I received 2 Marc Jacobs Matte highliner gel eye crayons.I got the shades Earth(quake) and Deja Blue.
How I Use Them? I think these are perfect for creating art with your make up and adding pops of colour to your waterline.
What Is The Packaging Like? The packaging is quite simple. The crayons clearly show what colour they are and have the Brand name printed on. They have twistable bottoms in order to get more product which is very easy to use.
What Is The Texture Like? These eyeliners are super creamy and glide on the eye, just like they claim to. I agree with the fact that they are waterproof as you cant remove easily with just water.
What Is The Finish Like? They look smooth and matte.
Where Can I F…

January Look Fantastic 2018

January 2018... Today's post is going to be my first Look Fantastic unboxing. You should expect these monthly until June as half way through the year i'm going to switch up my subscription to Birchbox. I had to take part in a mock interview day yesterday and after walking around in heels far to large for me it feels good to have a day without shoes!

First of all I was a little disappointed with how long my box took to be delivered hence why this post is so late. I must say though I think this box design is so pretty , I love how simple it is. As always i received the January copy of Elle Magazine and Look Fantastic's own magazine. 

Now , what products did I get? It was mostly all skin care and such but no make up, which is kind of disappointing as I prefer make up.  Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum £16 Monuspa - Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil £25.45ESPA - Pink Hair & Scalp Mud £34Korres - White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser £15Erno Laszlotoners - White Marble Essence Lotion…

A Little Haul

A Little Town Haul... Hey Hey Hey sooo this post was ment to go up a while ago but then I decided to save it for the new year. I actually got these things a few weeks before Christmas but better late than never. I took a lil trip to my town centre to use a voucher I had for Garnier however I came back with all this.... typical! Anyway I thought I would give you a small haul so enjoy!

Skincare Lets start with the main reason I actually went into town, Garnier.  stopped at Boots to pick up this Refreshing Botanical toner, however i was told that my voucher couldn't be used in their shop even though I'm sure they were just to lazy to check! I then went down to Superdrug and chose this Pure Active 3 in 1 product, I was greeted with such kind staff and my voucher was redeemed. I then went back to Boots and picked up the toner using a Boots gift card I got for my birthday.

More From Boots Some more things I got using my gift card from Boots were a cute Lindt chocolate teddy bear to go wi…

January 2018 Make Up Bag

Want to know what make up I'll be using in January? Hey! Welcome to my new blog post. Since the new year is upon us I've decided to really get use out of all my make up this year so each month I will be switching up the makeup products that I am using and I will be showing you along the way , just in case your interested. I was quite worried I wasn't going to get this post up in time as I normally write my posts up on Sunday, however after a long long day exploring Knowsley Safari Park I have managed to still squeeze writing up this blog post for you. Enjoy!  Face Products
Sooo... to begin with lets tackle face products. For foundation I will be using up my last bit of L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hours Foundation. I quite like this foundation however there isn't much left so I'm just going to finish off the bottle. I wouldn't say it is full coverage but it does give you a nice glow. I don't know anyone who would want to wear foundation for 24 hours but I m…