Rimmel 60s Rita Shades Of Black Review

Ugh! I really wanted to get up a review on the Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar but there was a whole mess up with the delivery and now I don't have the calendar to review :( Instead, like promised, I have decided to do an in depth review on the Rita Shades of Black nail polish in matte black by Rimmel. The lovely company Bzzagent actually sent over this product and I totally recommend you check them out!

The colour that I chose was a matte black as I wanted to step out of my comfort zone as I had never owned a black nail polish or a matte nail polish so to me this was a whole new experience! The consistency of the product was perfect. It wasn't to runny and it wasn't to thick, it was just right. The colour payoff is great and you can get a really full coverage nail with two coats. The application process was nice and easy. However the product claims to dry in 60 seconds. I do believe this is true however you still need to be cautious and smudging will still occur if yo…

October 2017 Freebie Haul

As I am writing this blog post I am currently watching The Great British Bake Off which I have currently started watching and I am LOVING! Anyway.... Back to the topic of this post, FREEBIES! Since August this year I discovered the world of free samples and sometimes even full sized products. Who doesn't love anything that's free? I sure know I do! Although October hasn't been my most impressive month I thought I would still create a blog post as all my other attempted freebies posts I've either not posted in time or wasn't happy with the photo's. I've finally stopped being lazy and got the post done.
Random Finds on Freebie Sites.
I can't exactly remember the sites each products came from but if you would like a separate post on my top freebie sites please let me know in the comments.  I received a lovely sample of Grain Free Duck Dog Biscuits from The Laughing Dog. With this I also received 2 25% off codes , one for me and one for a friend. Since you guys…

Sims 4 Autumn CC Look Book

Hey! I'm back with a slightly different blog post. I thought that I would do a blog post a little less beauty related and more gaming related ( Don't worry , it still includes fashion). I will be showing you my autumn look book using custom content in The Sims 4. Without further ado lets get on with it.

Everyday Outfit For my sims everyday outfit I wanted to keep it fashionable yet autumnal. I felt like the khaki bodysuit added that pop of colour however stuck to the fall colour scheme. I loved how the bodysuit look paired with these embroidered black jeans. I think the roses really bring the outfit together. I also had my sim wear The Sims 4 base game fishnets under the jeans so they could be seen through the rips in the jeans. Finally I had my sim wear some base game boots to add to the fall theme. Formal Outfit I wanted to bring in the reds and orange shades into my sims formal outfit. I found this gorgeous maxi dress. I still wanted my sim to have a vampy look and in my opin…

Neal & Wolf Enchant Fishtail Plaits.

Welcome back! This post is a special post because today I am going to be showing you how to create an enchanting fishtail plait using Neal & Wolf's Enchant collection which they kindly sent me. I will leave a link to each product I use in this post for you guys. Overall this was a great experience and I loved the outcome! Lets get on with this tutorial!

Step One:To begin with I washed my hair using Neal & Wolf's Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner. This untangled and added moisture to my hair to ensure it was in the perfect condition for styling. This left my hair feeling and smelling simply amazing! I then towel dried my hair before applying the Elevate Volumising Lotion,which made a huge difference to the style I was creating, and the Guard Heat Protection Spray , to ensure my hair doesn't get damaged by the styling tools we will use.

Step Two: I dried my hair using My hair dryer. Once my hair was dried ( and looking perfect and less frizzy than usual du…

Top 4 Summer Nail Colours!

Hey people! Today I am going to be doing a post which one of you guys suggested. It's going to be my top 4 summer nail colours! I know summer Is almost over :( but who says summer can't last forever in our hearts? I think summer is great as everyone just seems so much happier and who doesn't love to go on holiday, eat ice cream and get a tan ( unless your like me and just burn). I also think wearing a nice bright nail colour is essential in summer. So if your interested in my top colours stay tuned. First up is 'Iced Frappe' by Ciate London. I decided to begin with this shade as it isn't as intense and bright as the others however this mauve colour is gorgeous and I'm totally obsessed with this shade at the moment, it's not intense but still very beautiful. This retails for £9 and you can purchase this here. Next is this beautiful gold colour by Next! This is perfect for summer as your nails would look great shining in the sun or relaxing on the golden sa…

Pamper Routine!

Hey, I'm here with another pamper themed post! Today's post is going to be my pamper routine. I will be showing you what products I use to pamper and what I do to pamper my self every now and again. I try to pamper my self at least once a month before a big day or a busy day. Sometimes , if I have nothing on that month I will pamper my self if I am stressed or down. I think it is really important to treat yourself as it will help put you in a better mood and help you to connect with your self. Anyway let's get onto the routine! First things first is that I like to begin by running a bath. I feel that a bath is a must have for an at home pamper session as it will help you wind down as well as making you feel fresh and clean.
I like to add a bath bomb to my bath when pampering so today I used a coconut scented bath bomb which helped make my skin feel super moisturised. When pampering I like to make a nice cold drink for when I am in the bath as it is super important to feel hydr…

What's in my Pamper Hamper?

I'm back AGAIN! It's been a while since my last blog post however I have been super busy working on school work. Since the 6 week holidays have begun I decided to get my blog up and running again!
Today's blog post is going to be based on my current products that i keep in my Zoella hamper! I like to call this my 'Pamper Hamper' as i tend to store away my monthly pamper products. I will be showing you everything that is in here as of this moment, however some products may have already been used once or twice.
 The first thing I pulled out of my hamper were these two exfoliating sponges. A pink one from Soap and Glory and an orange one from a gift set i was given however i can't recall the name of the brand. I like to store these in here for when the current one i am using (Zoella) wears out and breaks.

Next I have a range of different body moisturisers. I have a Dove moisturiser which i haven't yet used however it smells lush. I also have a Pink Peppermint Can…